Here is how we charge for access.

We use credits system. It's flexible and it allows us to make the pricing policy much easier to understand. You pay only for what you actually use.

The more you buy, the more you save.

0–25 credits 1.99 USD per 1 credit
26–100 credits 1.79 USD per 1 credit (10% off)
101–500 credits 1.49 USD per 1 credit (25% off)
501–2000 credits 1.19 USD per 1 credit (40% off)
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How to spend credits? Get Premium Reports or run searches ( accounts) or make a dashboard with accounts.

How to spend credits?

Accounts Analytics

Premium Report for 1 month: 1 credits for IG, 0.5 credits for YT.

Basic Report is available FOR FREE for registered users.

Basic stats: account picture, description, main counters, last posts, links to brand/user accounts in other social networks.

Content analytics: top and last posts and its metrics.

Daily growth: changes of account's main counters day by day.

Monthly growth: changes of account's main counters month by month.

Premium Reports: growth data for 12 months, performance alerts, audience analytics, mentions and posts detailed growth.

Search for accounts, posts and videos

0.15 credits for the 1st page, 0.1 credits for next pages.

25 accounts per 1 page. Same search queries are free for 24 hours.

Search for bloggers: search through our huge database of accounts for brands and influencers using set of filters and sort options.

Posts search: search through Instagram posts using any text. It works not just for hashtags, it works for any word that was mention in post's text. Filter and sort results by various parameters.

Videos search: search YouTube videos using different filters and sort by views, likes and other parameters.


0.1 credits per 1 account in a private dashboard per 1 month.

0.2 credits per 1 account in a public dashboard per 1 month.

Dashboards allow you to collect all interested accounts on one page. You will see all needed stats of selected accounts.

Counters for dashboard accounts update every hour.

You can make public dashboards and share it with your colleagues or clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have free access?

Yes, we do have number of free services for registered users.

Users can see basic information about accounts and have access to daily growth of any account for last 28 days. And it's totally free.

Just remember that as a guest you have maximum limits and minimum access, so don't wait and log in or register right now.

Also for all new registered users we provide several credits for free to test our system.

Log In Sign Up and get FREE credits

How to use dashboards?

Useful feature for agencies to share accounts performance with clients.

Here are some samples of public dashboards.

Taylor Swift Social Accounts, Forbes Social Accounts

Car Brands, The Avengers Cast

Music Channels, Soccer Clubs

IT Founders

What does contain premium report?

Instagram and YouTube accounts have more detailed pages on Panda. When you get premium report you get access to all these details.

For both IG and YT we show account performance metrics and compare it to average values of similar accounts.

Also you get access to top posts, monthly growth and growth data for last 12 months.

For IG exclusively there are performance alerts, audience analytics, mentions and posts detailed growth.

Alerts generated by AI that have analyzed vast set of metrics and parameters. It highlights most important insights about account: fake followers, growth spikes, suspicious activity and etc.

Audience analytics shows report based on account's followers and followings. It contains data about bots, massfollowers, real people and provides other insights. Panda updated audience report once per month*.

Mentions shows all posts if somebody mentioned that account or that account mentioned other's account. Data available for last 12 months*.

Posts growth shows hourly changes in likes, comments and views (for video) for last posts of specific account.

For YT exclusively there are video trending block and videos detailed growth.

Trending block shows details if video appeared on trending page. It contains exact dates, duration, countries, starting and top places in trending.

Videos growth shows hourly changes in views and other stats for last videos of specific account.

* these limits can be adjusted on Enterprise plan. Contact us to get more information.

Do you have any samples of those sexy reports?

Yes, to give you clear sense how it looks like we have prepared several accounts that have Premium Reports available for everyone for free.

@loganpaul, @emrata, @lelepons, @ddlovato, @topgear

Logan Paul Vlogs, PewDiePie, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Will Smith, Top Gear

Do you have any partner programs?

Yeah, if you are a blogger or an influencer or you run some professional website then feel free to contact us. We can provide you free access if you mention our service.

Also if you do some research for academic or professional purpose, we can help you with some data (depends on your request).

Also we have affiliate program, it's in private beta now but we can figure something out if you contact us.

How long credits will stay on my account?

Credits expire after 1 year after purchase if you haven't used it.

What if I have bought credits but didn't like Panda?

No worries. If you don't feel Panda just contact us and we will send your money back.

Hey, I still do have a question!

That's good! We look forward to hear from you, just contact us by email: [email protected]