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4 years ago
4.6b 22.0m 1.2m 931.8k
6 years ago
2.9b 10.9m 485.3k 306.9k
3 years ago
2.3b 12.1m 477.1k 363.9k
5 years ago
903.8m 4.6m 131.7k 142.4k
4 years ago
878.3m 4.7m 230.5k 163.7k
8 years ago
603.0m 2.6m 78.5k 89.5k
3 years ago
464.0m 3.1m 96.8k 81.2k
4 years ago
392.2m 2.3m 71.9k 78.5k
a year ago trending
354.8m 4.9m 242.4k 175.1k
4 years ago
341.0m 1.8m 64.7k 59.1k

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