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natgeo Media

Photo by @CarltonWard | An ambitious red-shouldered hawk has caught a sizable dinner—likely a Florida water snake. I witnessed this moment at Buck Island Ranch, part of Archbold Biological Station, which directs research in order to better understand the intricacies of wildlife, water, cattle grazing, and carbon sequestration in the rangelands of the Northern Everglades. These lands are crucial to the Florida Wildlife Corridor and wide-ranging species such as the Florida panther. Shot during my #PathofthePanther storytelling project with @insidenatgeo. For more discoveries from the hidden Everglades, please follow @carltonward. #FloridaWild #Everglades #ranch #hawk #keepflwild @ArchboldStation @MacFound @Fl_WildCorridor
7 days ago
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