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logang4life_bro Media

Well guess who’s back...ME!!! 😂
Okay lets be real for a second guys lol.So I just watched the last part of the “Jake Pail Series” and im shook from the whole thing not only the last part.And I’m really disappointed in Logan to be honest no matter how much I love him this is just wrong what he did.But like Shane said every story hast like 10 sides of it so I’m sure Logan has one but the fact that this is wrong is not going to change no matter what.And I just wanna say that Logan has to be so thankful that he has a brother like Jake who didn’t just leave him but tried to forgive him and tried to get this “brother relationship” back.And now I understand Jake so well for everything that he did wrong it just all make sense now.He didn’t really deserve the hate.And to be honest I didn’t like Jake before this, well no not like this I liked him but the things that he was doing were just disappointing me in a kinda way, I don’t know if you understand what I mean but whatever.I just love them both and I hope they change to something better in the future it’s just better for everybody.Everybody makes mistakes nobody is perfect like everyone says.So move on, be happy and just be kind.Thats it from me. 😊
If you want to you can tell me what your thinking in the comments I’m interested to hear your opinion. 💖 {and i have like more things to say but I didn’t want to write so much bc I don’t think that anybody would read it tho 😅} ~TB

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3 years ago
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