Site news — September 2018

5 years ago

Hey everybody! Today we have a huge update here on Panda.

Most important thing that we finally have switched from beta version and entered first stable version. Hooray!

For past months this service was used by thousands of people, thousands of SMM professionals and social influencers.

We've got a lot of emails with ideas, suggestions and feedback. Thank you so much, it helped us a lot to improve PandaRank.

Today we enter new stage of life, finally there is a pricing page and online payment form.

We have collected all info about plans and other stuff on pricing page.

Also there is a bunch of small changes:

  • Posts search. You can search posts through Instagram not just by hashtags but using any text. The search works through whole post body, so you will find much more than just using simple hashtags.
  • Bloggers search was improved a lot. There are new filters and sorts, for example, you can search by text in profile's bio.
  • Monthly growth graphs. Now you can track growth not just day by day but also month by month.
  • YouTube trends. This is beta version but we're gonna focus on it and develop it until perfect condition.
  • On video's detail page you will see detailed stats day by day and also information about positions in trends if the video have appeared there.
  • Also we've added responsive version of Panda so you can enjoy it on your mobile devices.
  • Now we display verification badges for instagram and twitter accounts.
  • Many many different small bugs and mistakes were fixed with your help, dear users ❤️

Thanks for your support.

If you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us by email [email protected].